Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beautiful Paintings by Emile Munier for Free Instant Art

This is a really good day for bumble button. One of my visitors,Scott, left a comment referencing an artist.He also mentioned a preference for nude paintings. Well naturally I though oh dear this cannot be a good thing. After looking up the artist I just about cried for joy. Not only did said artist Emile Munier paint nudes but many other sweet and beautiful paintings. My files already had his works.  Looking up the artist led to other similar artist and sources. That plus new sources for Tuck's postcards and I have images for thousands of posts! Maybe Bumble Button will be a little more art history than originally planned.There will be more art to decorate your home with plus graphics for your art and craft projects.
It is most fitting to feature Emile Munier's work in this post. I love his style and subject matter. Enjoy and hope you find the pictures as pleasing as I have. Much love to you all, Louise