Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to all of you. It is my blogging anniversary! Two years ago I created Bumble Buttons. My blog has evolved as I learned from all of you. Checking out your blogs and links lead me to so many new worlds of creativity. You are amazing! I had no idea my life would be so enriched. Looking for material to post sent me back to my own love of art and design. My world expanded as I wandered over the web searching for little treasures for you.
Thank you for your encouragement and positive comments. I also want to acknowledge and thank the following for so much;
-Sherry, from the Legacy.  The open heart and sole of the Legacy for so long, you are really where the story begins. Encouraging me to volunteer and then nudging me along. Thank you for buying the first pin cushion I made. You gave me a key to open a part of me that had been locked away from the twists, turns and events of my life.  It didn't matter at all, she just needed the fabric folded! When Gema retired from doing the buttons she gave me the opportunity to be the new button lady.I will be eternally grateful.
-To the many lovely ladies who also volunteer, you have made it so fun! I cherish the new friendships that have begun. Lucinda and Marie, a big hug and special thank you for inviting me into your lives.
-The Graphics Fairy, need I say more. As a great resource you showed me the possibilities.
-Kathie Holden at justsomethingimade. Her email back to me helped break the ice for communicating with all of you..Her blog is full of Sonoma County references and made me feel at home. Little did I know that Bumble Buttons would have visitors from all over the world!
-Dawn, at The Feathered Nest, you posted one of my first photographs and a link.That is what brought so many visitors to me. A better welcome couldn't be found.Thank you for your continuing positive comments and support.
-Liz, at  lululizinlalaland you make me feel like a pen pal from both England and France.By sharing your world it allows me to live in a cottage and shop the fea markets in France.
A special thank you to what I will call my "frequent flyer's". Your frequent comments make my blog feel cozy and full of caring friends.

Last but not least, I want to thank all of my followers and visitors.
My salutation most days is "much love to each and everyone of you". That is very much how I feel today,Louise