Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marie Antoinette and Friends in Beautiful18th Century Paintings

 Hi everyone,I am so excited about this post! My search for portraits from Marie Antoinette's time has been a success. Lovely royal ladies in lavish and sumptuous gowns. There is one issue that needs to be addressed. It is those panniers! Really ladies.Imagine a party with all those fancy gowns. Do they bump into each other? Think of how much maneuvering a group of 4 or 5 conversing together would require! Huge Victorian bustles are also a perplexing fashion trend.
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Love, Louise
I love this one. She looks so serene.

Grand Duchess Marie Fiodorovna
  (large image)
Large image.

 Maria Luisa of Parma,Laurent Pécheux(French,1729–1821)1765

Queen Charlotte by sir Thomas Gainsborough

The two paintings above are large enough for framing. Looks like the same dress.

The two illustrations below came form a book titled "The Well Dressed Woman".

A quick note, there are three new peacock pictures on the 9-26-12 post.