Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marie Antoinette and Friends in Beautiful18th Century Paintings

 Hi everyone,I am so excited about this post! My search for portraits from Marie Antoinette's time has been a success. Lovely royal ladies in lavish and sumptuous gowns. There is one issue that needs to be addressed. It is those panniers! Really ladies.Imagine a party with all those fancy gowns. Do they bump into each other? Think of how much maneuvering a group of 4 or 5 conversing together would require! Huge Victorian bustles are also a perplexing fashion trend.
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Love, Louise
I love this one. She looks so serene.

Grand Duchess Marie Fiodorovna
  (large image)
Large image.

 Maria Luisa of Parma,Laurent PĂ©cheux(French,1729–1821)1765

Queen Charlotte by sir Thomas Gainsborough

The two paintings above are large enough for framing. Looks like the same dress.

The two illustrations below came form a book titled "The Well Dressed Woman".

A quick note, there are three new peacock pictures on the 9-26-12 post.