Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunny Rhymes for Happy Children a Volland book illustrated by Carmen L. Browne

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful and creative day. 

Today I went through hundreds of old magazines that have been accumulating. With quilting magazines at only a quarter and free if they are older than 3 years it is so easy to get carried away. I pulled out the pictures and patterns of quilts I just loved and the rest is going to recycling. Now I want to plan and sew quilts! National geographic and Smithsonian magazines that I 'might' reread are also going. It seems I have a bit of spring cleaning going on!

Well on to the theme of the day. It is always so hard to choose! When I found this old Volland book  Sunny Ryhmes for Happy Children I knew it would be  perfect.  The illustrations are by Carmen L. Browne. Volland was a book publisher of children's books and greeting cards. You can find out more about Volland at 

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