Saturday, May 10, 2014

Celebrating Mothers Day with Darling 19th Century Paintings by Frederick Morgan

Hi Everyone!
Tomorrow is Mothers day. 
A day to celebrate and thank our moms for all they do. 
I am very thankful that my mother has made it to 82. Best of all she is in good heath. I love her so much.
The following paintings all feature a mother with her children. 
The artist is Frederick Morgan (1847-1927). 
How sweet and sentimental his paintings are! 
I hope you enjoy these and it is not to late to make a Mothers Day card!
Much love as always, Louise

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Daniela said...

So much lovely !!
Frederick Morgan is one of my favourite painter from the Victorian London, thank you so much for such beauty <3
Have a wonderful new week

marda said...

Beautiful paintings. Not that motherhood ever looked that peaceful in reality!!! Thanks.

txexperiment said...

Very sweet images. Thanks for sharing!

Daniela said...

If it may please you, by me you can find a little surprise :)
Have a lovely day
Dany x