Monday, May 5, 2014

Children's clothing 1910 to 1923 From Antique Photographs Free Images for Artists and Crafts.

Hi Everyone and Welcome!
Thank you for all your comments. It makes me very happy to know that you like what I post.
The post on April 26 was liked by so many of you.
My new little laptop computer has been working great but I am still learning about it.

Life is good at the moment.  How grateful I am. I always wonder how you all are doing. There is so much happening around the world. I hope all is well with you.

Now lets see what should I post today? Cruising through my files I came up with these pictures. I like them because they are grainy and not in sharp focus. The originals may have been but these have gone from an original film negative to photographic print to printed page in a magazine, scanned by the online library and then click and saved by me. Quite a journey for an image.
Family photos even if you did not have any from your real family. I love the big bows and the clothing. This is an unusual post but I am sure one of you crafty ones came come up with something.

 The pictures come from  Kodakery magazines circa 1919-1920s. from Wonder who came up with that tittle!


peggy gatto said...

Just wonderful images, thank you!

Silas H. Mathiasen said...

The antique photos more than a hundred years ago are still very clear today. Which girls’ clothes are beautiful on the photos.