Saturday, September 6, 2014

1880's Paintings of Paris Flower Markets by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Hello and welcome to all of you,
I came across these fabulous  paintings by Victor Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1933) of Paris flower vendors and markets. Think how fragrant and beautiful all those flowers would be!  Have you ever been to one of these? Do they still exist? It is easy to imagine walking home with an armload of flower bouquets to fill every room in ones home.
Thank you for the support and encouragement in your comments!
Have a wonderful and creative day.
Much Love as always, Louise

All of these paintings were found on 
The Athenaeum. or Wikimedia Commons


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Thank you!!! They are gorgeous. Remind me of playing the Masterpiece board game. :) I Pinned them all!

Diana said...

These are beautiful. Thank u so much 4 sharing.

marda said...

How beautiful. Wouldn't it be a wonderful routine?

Stephanie said...

Each one is simply beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful graphics with us - you are a dear!