Friday, September 19, 2014

Antique And Vintage Pearl Button Cards

Hello everyone and welcome. 
Louise recently posted some wonderful button card graphics and I thought it might be nice to show you a few more. 
I have a weakness for the natural beauty of old shell buttons. They were often displayed and sold on “pearl” cards.  Finding a new pearl button card is always a treat.
This one is free for non commercial use.
While researching the history of shell button manufacturing, I ran across some interesting information on the harvesting of shells on the Mississippi River, provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (  On their site, you can download a delightful old book about shell buttons called “The Story of My Life by Billie Button” (Anonymous 1914 Wisconsin Pearl Button Company, La Crosse, WI- I highly recommend this one.

The cover of the booklet.
I hope you enjoy these wonderful pearl button cards.
Much love to all,

This one is free for non commercial use.


Linda said...

One of my gmas worked at the pearl button factory in Lansing Iowa so buttons are a treasure in my book!

Marie Christine said...

J'admire,j'admire toutes ces belles images,je ne m'en lasse pas!
BRAVO a vous de tant de générosité.
J'imagine que cela doit être un immense travail.
Je vous dit MERCI beaucoup,je reviendrais bien souvent les admirer