Friday, September 5, 2014

Free Gift Tags and Button Cards For You to Print!

Hi everyone! 
Cruising the net and Pintrest for new button card graphics often brings me back to my own blog and images!
 It is rewarding to come across the images I spent many hours searching for,scanning and cleaning up. 
How wonderful to see all the creative cards, tags, collages and scrap booking pages you have made using graphics you found here. I have always been so curios to see what you were making and now all I have to do is look on Pinterest and the web!

Thank you for your continued kind comments. Today there were so many to read and post! 

To answer a few questions; 
How do I attach the buttons to the cards? Sewing them on by hand like the originals seems to work the best for me, When a button has a shank I punch a hole in the card. On the back I then use a safety pin to hold the button in place(if there is only one button). If there are many I run a thread through all the shanks and tie a knot. I suppose glue or hot glue might work for cards depending on how the card will be used.
Hope you have a wonderful creative day!
Much love as always, Louise

This one can be used as a label or gift tag.

From an old sheet music cover. This would make a cute gift tag. The colors and her costume are perfect for Halloween.

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Sandra Jacobs said...

Thank you these are beautiful cards