Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Antique Cameo Button and a Free Image of Edwardian Women

Hi Everyone, 

Pairing buttons with a themed graphic is what I have been doing for quite awhile now! That is how we sell the buttons in the Legacy thrift store. Some of our customers even buy the cards and put their own buttons on them. We also have a big flower pot full of loose unmatched buttons. Children who come in can select 3 for free. They have so much fun digging for the perfect treasure. Lately we have had so many button donations that I am tying sets together. Not as pretty as putting them on the cards but I would need a bunch of busy elves to keep up. For now I am sharing button pictures and some cards on my little blog with you all. I hope you can have as much fun using the graphics as I have had creating and reproducing the images. 
The little cameo button is available for purchase at The Legacy for $20.


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