Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Jane Austen Regency Fashion Costume Plates, Engravings, Paintings from late 1700- 1820's

Greetings and Welcome to everyone!
This post is in celebration of Jane Austen and the Regency Era. After a bit of searching I was able to come up with some fantastic images for you.  A few are perfect for framing, instant art to adorn your boudoir. Please enjoy them and hopefully they will find their way into your homes and projects. The fashion plates are a good reference for historic  period  clothing.Everyone wants a new gown for your next Jane Austen gathering!

Laundress needed! Think of all the linen and clothing a family with children would need!

Learning to "fan"?

The following pictures are from antique postcards.

Enjoy and have fun creating!
Love, Louise


Tania said...

thank you for sharing these, they are all so elegant!

VintageMadeForYoyu said...

Wonderful old images!
You have a link from my blog.
Have nice weekend.

LP Vintage said...

Just gorgeous - great selection! Many thanks!

Martina2801 said...

The images you´re sharing are always so beautifully and uniquely. It's a pleasure to visit your blog.I will be back for frequent visits for inspiration! WOW! Best to you!

Sheila A. said...

Oh my! The quality and quantity of these beautiful images is amazing. Thank you again, so much.

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful! Thank you!
XO Diane

Tora said...

Hello I just found your blog through Carol Anne´s Boutique and I just have to thank you for your precious images. I´m so looking forward to use some of them in my work. If you like to see my blog (that I´m turning into vintage blog slowly though LOL) the link is: http://www.agnarogn13(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to clarify whether or not the images on your site are in the public domain. There's one in particular that I'd might be interested in using on the cover of a Regency period story. If they are available, how do I get a copy - just copy directly from the site?

bumble button said...

Dear Anonymous, As far as I can tell these are in the public domain.I do not have a copyright on any of the images.They come from numerous sources.I post them for your personal use and enjoyment only.
I am not sure what the correct terms are but I just click to enlarge. Then right click to copy,then paste to your computer. Then you can print it. Does this help? Louise

Tilly Rose said...

I wondered if you would mind me using one of these images in article I am writing for my new online magazine?
It would be altered slightly but you say they are copyright free?
My email is
If you have five mins I would be more than happy to explain what I will be doing with them and happy to mention you as a thank you....
Tilly :)

Jang said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures, I just love them and using them in my blog too! God Bless!