Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amazing Little girls from antique French postcards. The best photographs some tinted

What does someone do with a huge batch of antique french postcard? The only thing possible is to share them with all of you! 
This first group are of the most beautiful and adorable little girls. Some of their clothes are just incredible with lots of lace and eyelet. Some of my favorite things!  The use of the images are free for your use. Please mention bumble button if you do. That way other artists can find their way here. Your comments are my inspiration and motivation.
Enjoy creating. Much love to each and everyone of you, Louise


Talking Horses Arts said...

These are really beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.:)

Clear Crick Cottage said...

OH Louise!
This last picture is priceless!!!
ALL of your hard work and sharing are heartwarming and much appreciated!
Thank you for all you do!

Handgathered said...

Your images are refreshing and lovely. Nice not having to wait long for the pages to load.

Thank you, Anni

Joanne Strojny said...

In your 4 August 2011 Entry of post Cards there is a lovely little girl in yellow with a basket of Flowers. Could you be so kind as to tell me when (ear) this card or these set of cards where made available

krystyna said...

I too work in a charity shop - in Ireland - and cut buttons off the clothes going into the 'recycle' bag. They used to be pinned on a board in small cellophane bags - not very inviting or exciting. Like you,I wanted to make them look better...and then found the button cards on your blog (which are fact, the whole blog is wonderful)- which set me off on an internet hunt for more - and now I almost can't make them fast enough. I hope using them in a charity shop doesn't contravene the "not for commercial purposes" stipulation.