Monday, August 1, 2011

Antique Railroad advertisments featuring Native American pottery and baskets for instant art, collage and as frames for scrap booking

 Thought these old train advertisements where so neat I just had to share them. They maybe a good reference for native American basket and pottery design. They are posted as frames and in black and white so they could be used for a variety of uses. I can just see a store in the southwest making a sign out of the frames. Perfect for scrap booking of your summer vacations in Arizona.
My grandparents left a few Santa Fe railroad ephemera items so there are only a few graphics.This is a third quick post. There are so many graphics and photographs that I want to share there will most likely be a fourth!
My Grandmother had a basket collection that was lost in one of their moves. In newspaper clippings and my family history I should be a 6th generation Californian.So far I have not found a branch that was here earlier than 1870's that wold result in six generations. Just a little personal genealogy tid-bit.

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Absolutely beautiful!
Thank you!