Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free clip art Antique bicycle graphics and "That husband of yours!" advertisement.

 Welcome to you all.
Another beautiful day in sunny California. The weather has been on the cool side for August which makes me very happy. More mundane chit chat. I have a new mouse in the house. It is wireless and it is a dream. Why did I put up with the frustrating and temperamental old one for so long??!! Finally it died. I was having computer and blog withdrawal with in the first 24  hours.Thank goodness Target had one on sale that was wireless. I couldn't plug it in fast enough.

One thing that turns up with regularity in postcards and ads of the late 1890 is the bicycle.  There is a wealth of images to share with you. That is the theme of the day.
Right click for larger images if it is avaliable.
This headline is catching to say the least!

Forgive me but I just had to include this.

Riding in the snow?

I just love this one. Such a sweet little boy.

Do not try this at home!  Isn't this one funny.

My new doo-dad for the end of my posts

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Mieke'S said...

It's beautiful!
All the vintage pictures.