Sunday, August 7, 2011

Historical Regency Fashion Prints. Jane Austen era clothing designs

A posting for all you Jane Austen and Regency clothing  fans.
 Some of these fashion prints were originally published by Rudolph Ackermann. He began his print shop in 1795 and was known for  lithographs. Families,including the children would hand color them by candle light. Historic costumes and vintage textiles and of course lace are some of my favorite things. The back of the dresses are featured in a lot of the prints. I assume that was just as important as the front. Very pretty compared to what we do now. Fashions are from approx. 1800-1820. I have several more that will posted in the future.
It has been so fun posting this last week. Much love, Louise
Some of these will click to a larger size.

All I can say is wow! For the woman who wants to make a dramatic statement!


Talking Horses Arts said...

Hi there Miss Bee, gorgeous as always. Thanks!!

Juliet A said...

These are lovely! I love period fashions.

Ellen said...

Thanks so much for al the beautiful images !!

Wendy Paula said...

I love Regency style clothing, beautiful and so feminine.
Wendy :)