Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Girls and their dogs,a Saint Bernard,Pug Borzoi Dachund. Victorian Paintings and tinted photograph. Free clip art.

     Aside from not getting the things done that need to be done I had a fun day. My three sisters and I are planning my moms 80th birthday party for next March. It has been so much fun talking and brain storming. We all bring something different to the table and so far it has been a blast.Margie,Cathy and Lynn all live close to each other in So.Cal. So I am the out of town'er. Lynn is in charge of decorating and called me long distance so we "shopped" together on her cell phone. Cathy is so fun and is coming up with so many ideas. She keeps things moving which I need! My contribution is to make a special family gift full of memorable events in my mom's life.
Just in the itty bitty chance my mom reads this I will always refer to it  as "the project". When it is done I will reveal it to all of you. There is no way this project and its progress could not be mentioned on my blog.  Thought you should be warned:)! 
    Oh my gosh. I need to find pictures of birthday parties!  Something new to search for!
Now some images for dog lovers. That's an easy and appropriate theme to follow the cat post! The pictures feature Saint Bernards, Dachshund Borzoi and  Pug breeds. One breed I don't recognise.

Thanks for visiting and following my little blog.
Much love to you all, Louise!


marda said...

Thanks for the dachshund... don't see many of them. That's MY dog.

Anonymous said...

The dog you don't recognize looks like a Spitz-type dog. However, it could have been the early Pom breed which was much larger than now. Beth

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right. The breed of the little dog laying on the couch with the girl is actually an American Eskimo Spitz. My mother had one when I was very little but I remember Spotty with much love and affection.