Thursday, August 25, 2011

Very cute Victorian cat and kitten pictures. free clip art. For collage,scrop booking,altered art,ATC

Hi everyone! Welcome to you all.
Monday I went to the Legacy and dropped off cleaned and sorted buttons. Waiting for me was the most fabulous big batch of buttons. Once they are sorted I will post pictures for you button aficionados.
On to the images for the day!
I have lots of Victorian and early 1900's kitty cat images.  If you need a Victorian image or picture of CATS you have found 18 of them!
Enjoy and create something beautiful. Please mention bumble button as the source. I would love to see what you make.



I LOVE THIS ONE!!! How cute is this cat in a bassinet!

This one is very old.

Beautiful white long haired Persian cat.

A very chubby kitty!

My favorite. She and those kittens are so cute.

 Mister orange marmalade cat is funny.

Much love to you all, Louise


Talking Horses Arts said...

Six cats here, all rescue. Most of them gotten as a kitten , so these pics are right up my alley. Is there anything cuter then pictures of kitten?
Thanks for these Mrs. Bumblebee they just made my day!

Rosie G said...

Wow been a follower for a short time now and lovr all the old prints you share with us! thank you. will have to save some and use in my cards and will difently give you credit.

Juliet A said...

These are all wonderful! Thank you for sharing them!

Andree said...

Thank you so much for sharing these cat images. They're so charming! I'm using some of them in our posters for adoptable cats & kittens.

lemondedis said...

moi qui adore les chats, je craque compl├Ętement pour ces jolies illustrations !... merci pour le partage...

Wood said...

Do you maybe have a source on the first picture? The photograph with the lady? Like, who took it, the date, that sort of thing?