Friday, October 21, 2011

Jane Austen Clothing Regency Fachion Plates, Early 1800's. Free clip and instant art.

Welcome to you all. Thank you for all your well wishes. Luckily, being careful has paid off My back is doing much better .So grateful it doesn't hurt to sit at my desk and computer aa much. How convenient a laptop would be!
Isn't October going fast?
This post was in my drafts so I have something for you today.  I can post without spending a lot of time at my desk. The pictures and fashion plates are from early 1800's. The ones with the large puffy sleeves are circa 1830. The others are earlier and are Regency fashions. Jane Austen era clothing. The first one and the oil are  my favorite's.
I have been thinking of doing a give away. It would be so fun to put together a collection of goodies or buttons.My only concern is shipping costs over seas. Any hints about doing a give away are welcome.
I am so very happy that you have come for a visit. Welcome to all my new followers. It makes it so fun to blog and share all the pictures.
Much Love, Louise
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Simply Debbie said...

Hi Louise,
I am delighted your back is better. My husband will soon have his 4th back surgery. His back will never be the same...I tell everyone if they can at all costs avoid surgery, avoid it.
These graphics are so beautiful, stunning, gorgeous,and every description known to man. Thank you ever so much.
blessings and health

Teresa O said...

What wonderful images! I just stumbled upon your lovely blog and I'm so glad I did!

marda said...

Interesting what used to be the height of fashion. At least the corset went by the wayside, but I'm old enough to have worn a girdle (panty type anyway) to work everyday and skinny as I was wouldn't dream of NOT wearing one...Ha!!! Thanks for the lovely pics.

Sheila A. said...

Oh, my! I never can get enough of these beautiful vintage ladies. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you, again!!

bumble button said...

Hi Marda, A panty girdle!! I missed that but did use a garter belt when I started to wear stockings. Pre panty hose. While flipping through the TV channels I came across the new show Pan Am and the stewartess are all very retro and wear full on girdles.Louise

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dearest Louise...thank you so kindly for your blog comment and your sweet email. I must say that when I came across your blog, I nearly gasped with delight! Your wallpaper and invited me in...your header welcomed me to sit a spell...and I was lost in a magical world of yesterdays! I thank you so much for all that your find for us to wander in. Your graphics are enchanting and so very inspiring. I have taken a few dozen to my special place where I love to play (as you have seen) There I lose myself in imaginary sceens I create like a Silver Screen movie director or artist of the good old days. There is no cut and paste...I do not even know how to do that. It is all smoke and mirrors so anyone can do it. I urge you to try and see just how easy POLYVORE is to play just drop the images where you want them or stack them to your hearts delight to make a set. The function of removing a background or keeping it(again at
the click of a buton) lets you
really work so intesresting effects. It is all free and you will never be sorry you gave it a try.
Each of the images I have taken and used in a set has a link back to your blog...I hope you might find the time to come and have a look around by clicking any image or the link below in the title.
Thank you again for all the magic and your wonderful friendship...that is what I love best about the world of keeps bringing us together for all medias to make magic!
Glittery hugs, Karla aka Miss Peach aka Augusta Vindelicorum