Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A new group of beautiful late 1800's book plates. Black and white to decorate and create with. Free clip art

Good morning to you all! We have rain and more on the way. Not sure if I am ready for cloudy skies and cooler temperatures
 I love those super soft fluffy socks and wear them all the time when it is cold. This afternoon out came a pair to keep my toe's all cozy. Do you have dollar stores near you.? Everything is $1.00 so I stocked  up my supply of cozy socks. Bored yet?
Legacy news--There is a new manager whom I have not met yet. Last week they moved everything into the temporary location. The remodeling of  the old store began on Sunday. Maybe I will like the changes and new people. I hope so. Change is not my forte' And of course Sherry made me feel comfortable and I miss hear dearly.
Enough jibber-jaber from me. You came for the pictures. While going through old books I came across these wonderful illustrations. Perfect for scrap booking frames, labels or as an element in a collage. And to finish the post with a flourish, a nest with a gathering of bird friends. I just knew you would like them.
This first one is my favorite.
Enjoy! Much love to you all, Louise


Lilac & Lavender said...

Thank you, thank you for these beautiful frames! I used the second one down in a gift tag, "In the Garden." I digitally hand-colored it... I hope you like the results :) Here's the link:

Alice said...

Hi, I love these images- they are really beautiful so thank you for sharing.

I know it's a long shot but do you remember which book the first image came from? I would love to use it but it is very low-res and I would love to scan a high res copy.

Thanks, Alice