Monday, October 17, 2011

Beautiful Victorian and Edwardian Christmas Angels 1890 to 1910 free clip art

Welcome to another Christmas Monday at Bumble Buttons!
All of the pictures have angels. From Victorian and Edwardian postcards. I am so proud of myself. Already some of the holiday posts are done and scheduled! It makes me so happy knowing that all of you have something to look forward too. And they will post no matter what is distracting me from blogging. 
Bumble Buttons Holiday Schedule
Christmas - Monday's
Halloween in October - Wednesday's
Thanksgiving - Thursdays in November
Parties and New Years in Dec
Everything else in between!
There seems to be a new way that my posted pictures are accessed.
 First  left click the image.This takes you to a new screen with the picture is on a black background.
2nd right click to copy


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Oh so enjoy and love Victorian Christmas Angels and such..thank you so very much. Can't quite get into Christams yet's still i the upper 80's here in Texas.
But I am saving some of these all the same for later.


Shoregirl said...

Oh thank you! I especially love that last little angel!

Sue H @ Astrachic Studio said...

Hi Louise, Thanks so much for sharing your lovely christmas postcards and graphics with us all.They are always unique and sweet. I know I will enjoy using them. They make me wish that todays cards where as special.
Wishing you and your loved ones a happy new 2012. Keep in good health and happiness.
xo Sue
Astrachic Studio

lemondedis said...

encore un lien que je m'empresse de partager !... de très belles images... merci de les partager...