Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabulous 1920's Halloween costumes and bottles of Witch Cream!

These have been tucked away waiting for Halloween.
 Be sure and use your witch cream on the 31st! I found this so funny.
The costumes are from an old magazines. I just love them as they are from one of my favorite time periods. Great for costume ideas. A witch with a 1920's flapper look.?I like the fairy and little bunny.
 Have fun with today's pictures. If you decorate or make a costume send me a note.
Much love, Louise
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Sheila A. said...

I truly appreciate all the wonderful images that you post. I'm always happy when I see on my "feeds" that you have a new one! I love that you show such a great variety each time. I love, love the images from today. Thank you again!

Charlene said...

Cute!!!! Thank you sooooooooo mcuh for sharing. I LOVE the witch cream!