Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Victorian Die-cut scrap booking pictures. Free clip art of Fans, Doves, Bird cages, Little girl in frilly lace bonnet,Castle

Hi everyone! For some reason I like old Victorian die-cut scraps.What a nice lady like activity finding pictures to arrange into a book. The Victorians would fit right in with our contemporary scrap booking and paper craft trends. My scrap book is in my computer! The hunting and gathering of pictures to "cut" and "paste" is what I have come to like. Even more than making a physical scrap book album. Finding surviving old albums is treat offering a glimpse into someones life over a hundred years ago.The scraps in today's post have been cleaned up a little to restore the colours and any tears. Being well over 100 years old they are free for your use.
Glad you stopped by for a visit.
Much love to each and everyone of you, Louise

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