Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Mom's 80th Birthday and the Quilt

                                                Mom's 80th birthday party was a success!  It was fun and lovely. Our neighbors from 40 years ago had great stories and memories. The 3 great grand children (under 4 years old)  made the party lively. One of the little boys loved looking at mom's charm bracelet. She couldn't have been happier.
 My part of the celebration was making a quilt!!!! 
It was my first one and I was sewing the finishing touches all night and morning of the party. It was folded and wrapped before the quest arrived.
  This was the gift from my sisters and I. They hadn't seen it so I was a little nervous about it.
Everyone loved it!
 As soon as some pictures are sent to me I will post them.
It only seems appropriate to post images of women sewing!!! So that is the theme for today.
 Enjoy. Much love, Louise


Miss Holly said...

So Happy about your mums 80th! How lucky you are to have her....I lost my beautiful mum at 73...still can't believe it....I miss her so much....
Your pictures are SO beautiful! I want to get right in to them...Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! Can't wait to see the quilt!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the party was great fun and who wouldn't love a hand sewn quilt! Awesome!

marda said...

Congratulations on your mom's 80th.
I look forward to pictures of your quilt. Happy Easter.

funda said...

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