Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to the month of May. Free clip art of a May Queen, Walter Crane calender page and a Botanical print.

Hi everyone! Welcome to you all. It is amazing that it is May already! How did that happen.
 There are many things about May that I enjoy;
        The pool opens for the season.
        Some birthdays of favorite friends and family
        Mothers day
Three day Memorial Day weekend
        Roses and Iris
Warmer days
Today's post celebrates the month of May.  As always they are free for your personal use and enjoyment.
Much Love to you all, Louise
A Walter Crane picture.

The traditional flower for May is Lily of the Valley. I just love this botanical print.
Every year a few of these come up in my garden.
Illustration from late 1800's children's book.


Megan said...

May is a beautiful month... and my garden is now full of pretty flowers, thanks to a few good 'April showers' :) Thanks, as always, for sharing your finds with us :)

Anonymous said...

Louise, I too love buttons!!! And I truly appreciate the images and comments you so graciously share with us. Thank you very much for the thought and care you put into each piece you grace us with. Enjay xo

Anonymous said...

Hi, Louise. Thank you for your lovely images. Have you published any more of the Walter Crane calendar pages? I have Octobre and now Mai. Would love to have them all! Thank you. Melody