Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting to know you... Sweet Babies Free Clip Art

"Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you..." Isn't that a song from the 'King and I' movie? That is what I am doing now. Getting to know the new blogger "look". I waited until Blogger made me use the new upgraded page. Being in the habit of clicking first then seeing what happens has been my method in the past. Having invested so much time and love into bumble button that seems a little risky! So far it has been a smooth transition.
This has been 'saved' right? I clicked the save button but it hasn't turned to the old reassuring 'saved'.  Oh I see it goes from 'save' to a quick 'saving' then back to 'save'. No saved. That is efficient! Little changes like this are, well little.
Photo: Bread ties keep tape ends easily accessible for immediate use.
 I had to pass this on and will be giving it a try. A plastic bread thingy to put on your roll of tape.  Sherry you are so clever!!!
Now enough of that and time to post some images! Something new (before 1923) and that you can use for free, for anything.   Thanks for stopping by and much love to each of you, Louise

I just really love this one.He is missing his little shoe!


Pat C. said...

Oh, what precious illustrations! I especially love the first one... little girls have always loved babies! Thank you.: )


Laura Morrigan said...

I love the look! Maybe I will get some wallpaper from the wallpaper fairy, too!

Netty said...

You are obviously doing a lot better than me with the new blogger. Have been wanting to personalise my blog for ages but this new blogger has totally defeated me.........xx