Sunday, September 23, 2012

Romantic 1880's Paintings by James Tissot

Hi everyone, welcome to you all. Today's post features the art work of James Tissot. He is one of my favorite artists.One reason he is a favorite is the beautiful dresses in his paintings.Also the late Victorian time period. Researching different artists has returned me to a love of art history. I took the class twice in college many years ago. Examples of an artists works were harder to find then. A lot would be in black and white. The Internet is just amazing for finding things! Seeing most or at least many examples reveals  much more about the artist and his/her development. Reading biographies enable me to see what may have influenced the subject matter and manner an artist selects. This isn't an art history blog but from time to time I will focus on an artist. All the pictures today are from The Athenaeum. What an excellent resource to have stumbled upon! You will recognize several I am sure as the have been published on greeting cards or as reproductions. Enjoy the paintings and thank you for stopping by. Much love to all of you, Louise

 I selected the first three because of that big fur blanket and the children.
                                  The Garden Bench 1882                                                
Reading a story 1878-79
Quiet 1881
Kathleen Newton 1880


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thank you!

marda said...

I love his work also. Thanks for the great paintings.

Stephanie said...

Absolutely wonderful! Lovely pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Louise, you do have the most WONDERFUL images on your blog! The ones by James Tissot are beautiful. Your previous posting with the darling children brought a smile to my face & heart, especially the picture where the little one is crawling and looking back. Precious! Thank you for your kindness in sharing your collection with us. Enjoy the rest of your week. Sending kind regards, Enjay xo

Pat C. said...

I don't know how i missed this post, but the paintings are beautiful! I love the warm, rich colors and the "candid" poses of his subjects.

Thank you.