Thursday, June 25, 2020

Peacocks and Feathers in the Round Free Clip Art, Graphics Early 1900's

Welcome to all.
  I want to share images and graphics with all of you. There are so many that I have collected over the years.  I love that there is a sense of discovery and excitement when I find a picture in some obscure old book or publication. Then I add it to my collection in a folder. When I need a creative project I go into my folders for an image to play with.  After picking a picture it is on to a clean up, crop, isolate, lighten, darken cut, paste etc. Then away to an appropriate folder for future use. Then I feel a sense of accomplishment, very pleased and satisfied. Sharing with all of you and knowing the images might make their way into something you create makes me so happy.  Thank you for the kind comments. So nice to see familiar people finding their way back to the blog.
Much Love to everyone!

One more. Not round but thought you it could be used for business cards, labels, place cards,

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