Friday, April 4, 2014

Free Easter Images of Happy Children with Adorable Bunnies and Little Chicks~ New at the Legacy.

Hi Everyone,
Easter is just around the corner! Spring time has arrived. Thanks to some much needed rain the flowers are blooming in Sonoma County, Last week I saw some baby lambs playing in spring green fields. The Legacy has baskets and Easter items on display. We have had  the best fabric donations lately. High end luxury bedding fabrics were donated from  Bella Notte  We still have a little of it left and I am looking forward to their next generous donation. Needless to say I went home with an arm load! 
Marie and I have been working like crazy trying to keep up with the buttons. We have carded a huge batch of Rhinestone buttons which are in the store now. There is so much to do!
One of the reasons I have been trying to get caught up on the buttons is my life is getting so busy. I am so happy to let you know that in the future I will be posting items from the store for all of you to buy. If you see something you want to buy I will reserve it for you. Your payment will go directly to the store. They will then ship it out to you. I have created another blog(under construction) For the Legacy  that will only feature items from the store. At the bottom of the page you will find the story about how the Legacy was started. 
Well onto some pretty pictures for you all. Children playing with darling bunnies for your homemade Easter cards and decorations.
So glad you came for a visit. Have a beautiful and creative day!
Much love as always, Louise
Pictures of old postcards are from TuckDB


Josie Cox said...

Thank you Louise for the wonderful vintage Easter Greetings.

Unknown said...

These are beautiful images. Thank you.

marda said...

What a wonderful donation to the shop. I'll look forward to seeing what's available via your blog. Sweet Easter greetings too.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog and so glad I did. Love all your beautiful images especially the small children. Thank you !

Catnip and Kitty Whiskers said...

Thank you!!! These are beautiful!