Sunday, July 25, 2021

Free Digital Ephemera & Art. Summer Fresh Meadow Flowers Red Poppies, White Daisies, and Blue Cornflowers.

 Hi everyone! Hope you are having a peaceful and creative day. 
I have a question for you all. Every once in awhile I look at the 'stats' for my blog. Nothing fancy or complicated. There are a few colorful charts that show the number of page views, top referring URLS, keywords and the countries my visitors are from. Since Bumble Button is a personal, just for fun blog and not commercial I never looked into any details. I do like to see how many people visit and from what countries.  It is rather mundane and doesn't change that much.  Except for the last three months!  Half of the page views are from Sweden!  What is going on in Sweden? My great grandmother Elsa was from Sweden so I find it kind of fun and interesting. If you can shed some light on why, please let me know!
Now on to todays pretty pictures. 
Looking through books, online museums and ephemera I noticed bouquets combining red poppies, blue cornflowers, daisies, and wheat. I started saving them until I had enough for a blog post. Such a lovely happy combination of colors and textures. My guess is these bloom at the same time of year. Imagine coming across a meadow full of these flowers! 
Thank you for the kind comments! They inspire me to keep looking for images for all of you.
Stay well, be kind, and so happy you came for a visit, Louise


muttidesaski said...

Ces cartes sont-elles libres de droits??Peut-on les employer dans des pages de scrap publiƩes sur des forums de scrap ??

bumble button said...

Thank you for asking about the pictures on my blog. They are for your personal art projects, enjoyment and educational purposes.